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Fix Your Car Windshield. It’s the Law

To prevent car accidents from occurring, as well as to make your car look better, if you have damaged or cracked
windshield, you should definitely consider replacing it. Windshields in proper condition make a huge difference in
visibility while you are driving, as well as avoid having part of rock chip and hurt you while you are driving, which may
also lead to a car accident. You should always make sure that all crucial parts of your car, including your windshield,
are completely functional and repaired or replaced if damaged, otherwise you could be pulled over by the police,
ending up with ticket. Ticket you might get if pulled over could even be charged to you in significantly greater amount
than the money you would spend on repairing your damaged windshield. Houston Texas laws, along with other states’
proclamations, for broken and damaged windshields, are strict about that matter. Avoid being a cause of an accident,
and promptly replace your windshield. Safety should always come first, so make sure that all of your car features,
including windshield, are in proper order.

Patsco Windshield Repairs
Patsco Windshield Repairs, Houston is in business for almost 20 years now, successfully working on repairing
windshields using the latest technology in order to provide all of their customers with flawless services and impeccable
performance. Since even the smallest cracks can represent a huge problem to your safety, Patsco is set to deliver the
best service in fixing windshield cracks up to 24 inches in less than 20 minutes.  Most of other companies don’t repair
cracks bigger than 6 inches, or rock chips huger than a nickel, but thanks to advanced windshield repair technology,
Patsco staff is able to professionally take care of any windshield damage, which undoubtedly makes this company
number one in repairs in Houston, Texas. It is recommended that you fix your windshield as soon as you notice any
peculiarities or damages, so you would be able to drive safe and be secure. Patsco is always available for every
Houston customer and wider, urgently and promptly fixing all damages in less than 20 minutes at very affordable prices
or for free, for every customer with approved insurance.

Windshield Repair Process
For fixing all damages Patsco uses a simple, but effective process of injecting a special resin into the damaged area,
which then helps the process of repairing by curing the auto glass. After injecting, professional staff uses special tools
for polishing the glass, till clearness and improved glass durability are accomplished. This process If the glass is
cracked or chipped, then spread all the way to inner plastic, the Patsco team uses the drill to remove overly damaged
parts, then uses the tool for injecting the special resin.

Effectiveness of windshield repair basically depends on the level of damage, meaning that most of the cracks and rock
chips can be completely cured and repaired, while others can be partially, but effectively diminished. The point is that it
is better not to wait when you are dealing with the chipping and windshield damages, because sometimes the problems
you are having can only get worse. Patsco Windshield Service professionals can easily fix any damage and
successfully conduct any repairing in just 20 minutes or less. You don’t even need to make an appointment, but you
can always make a call, and find out everything about Patsco services and convenience of prompt and effective
windshield damage repairs.

Patsco Windshield Repair Services
Patsco is offering high quality windshield repair services to all of their customers, all at very affordable prices and top
standard professionalism. Besides from having your windshield fixed and restored, you can as well have your
headlights cleaned, for maximum safety while driving on foggy or hazy weather. Your safety should always be the most
important thing to think about when driving, along with safety of other passengers and traffic participants. Patsco is set
to deliver only the best services, all conducted in less than 20 minutes, which includes windshield repair and fast
service with no appointment required. Only Houston experts are doing repairs, and you have the right to take
advantage of great discounts with coupons Patsco is offering. In case you are not satisfied, as a Token of appreciation
for impeccable service for all their customers, Patsco, which is rated with four stars from prior clients, is offering a
money back guarantee. Patsco is available at several locations, so you can pay a visit to the one closest to your home
and get your windshield fixed in no time. Coupons and discount can be used at any Patsco location, to make sure your
satisfaction is undoubtedly complete.

Safety First
Windshield repairs are not just meant to make your car look better, first motivation to get your windshield repair is the
concern of your safety. When your windshield is damaged, your focus while driving, as well as the visibility of the road
can be easily jeopardized. You will also by every chance be pulled off by the police officer and get a ticket, because
damaged vehicle is considered to be unreliable and dangerous, thus violating the law of traffic safety. Your ticket can
be charged with dizzily high price, which is significantly bigger than having to pay for your windshield repairs. Patsco is
also collaborating with vat number of insurance companies and most insurance companies pay the entire cost, your
windshield repair is free. Money should not be an excuse for not fixing your damaged windshield, windshield cracks
and rock cracks, so Patco is offering discount coupons and affordable prices for all their customers. Every repair is
done in less than 20 minutes, conducted by experts, and in case you are not satisfied, Patsco offers a money back

Patsco Windshield Repair Services are available at several locations, so you can pay a visit to the one closest to your
home and get your windshield repaired and fixed in no time, all at affordable prices, discounts and maximal
professionalism. Safety always comes first.

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