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Repair Your Windshield Instead Of Replacing It

You were driving at high speed. A stone flew out of nowhere and landed straight on the windshield. Whack! You know
what that meant - a small chip or a long crack. As you got back into the car after surveying the damage, you had
already decided to send it to the auto repair shop for a replacement. Not only this, your mind had almost finished
calculating the costs.

Wait a minute! Why don’t you consider a windshield chip repair instead of a replacement? Till a few decades ago,
replacement was the only available solution for a damaged windscreen. However, modern technology has made it
possible to repair damages saving time and costs.

How are Windshields repaired?

In this procedure, the serviceman injects a resin into the pit. This is done with a special tool. Before the resin is
injected, the passageway is drilled lightly to get rid of dirt and debris. The resin spreads out and seals the cracks and
chips. It is polished to give it an even look. The job takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The cost of Windshield chip
repair is $50. The cost is covered by your auto insurance company.

Tips To Tell If the Windshield Can Be Repaired

Cracks and chips are classed into types based on their appearance. Understanding the different types of chips and
cracks enables a vehicle owner to decide whether repair or replacement will be the best option for him.

Bull’s eye is the first type of crack. It bears an uncanny resemblance to the bull’s eye on a dartboard. It has a circular
shape, though not a perfect one. The point of impact is clearly visible and is surrounded by concentric circles. It should
be repaired early to prevent it from getting larger.

The half-moon or partial bull’s eye is the second type. It is similar to bull’s eye chip only that it is semi-circular in shape.
It is caused by blunt impact. It has better chances of repair and rarely progresses into an irreparable damage.

The next type is a star break. It looks like a star. Short and long legs branch off from the center (pit). A star break, if left
unattended for long, can cause damage to the entire windshield.

Combination breaks are a combination of two types, usually a star break and a bull’s eye break. They are caused by
high impact and are ineligible for repair. The same applies for spider-web cracks.

If the stone or debris hits the edge of the windshield, it might not cause a break (any of the types listed above), but a
straight or uneven line. It may extend across the entire windshield.

In addition to the type of break, the size also matters. Rock chips the size of a quarter can be repaired. Straight-line
cracks up to a length of 6-12 inches are repairable.

You also need to assess the location of the damage. Auto-repair shops advise against repairing chips and cracks
along the edges and in the driver’s line of vision. If the hole is deep, affects the inner surface, replace the windshield.

How soon you fix the damage also determines the success of the repair work. Dirt, oil and debris do not allow the resin
to spread out evenly resulting in a shabby job.

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