Windshield Repair
with approved insurance.  
Consider No Fault.  
Cash Price $25 with website coupon
Long Crack Windshield Repair Cost
Once a crack or chip grows larger than a dollar bill, it is still
repairable in most cases. Your insurance company will pay
the entire cost for long cracks up to 24 inches in most cases,
as long as the crack is repairable.

Windshield Repair is Fast
In most cases, a repair process can be completed in 15 - 20

FREE Windshield Repair
Most insurance companies waive your deductible, pay the
entire cost and consider the repair No Fault.
“Amy A. got a rock chip in the windshield of my very first new car and was devastated. I found Patsco Windshield Repair
Houston on the web and called and spoke to the nicest lady at their headquarters who was so informative and helpful and
even gave me turn by turn directions to their location closest to me. I will be referring Patsco to anyone needing a rock ding
repair like mine, they are awesome!”
Please visit us at one of our Windshield Repair
(Please see our map below )

10100 Beechnut 77072 @ Beltway 8,
10021 South Hwy 6 @ Old Richmond Rd         
9815 S. Main   77025 @ Loop 610 South,    
130 SAWDUST RD 77380 @ I-45,   
5750 E. Sam Houston Pkwy N @ Wallisville RD,
Humblewood Shopping Center  19661 U.S. 59 @
FM1960 - across from Deerbrook Mall
12600 FM 1960 Road W. @ N. Eldridge Parkway
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Why Windshield Repair Richmond?
It is our job as Richmond Texas windshield chip repair experts to
share our experience and research to understand why it's
important to repair a rock chip or crack.

The reasons to get your chipped windshield repaired as soon
as possible.:

Windshield repair service only takes 15 - 20 minutes to

Windshield chip repair significantly reduce the visibility of
the original damage.

Restores the structural integrity and strength of the
glass,  thereby preventing further spread of the damage.
If your auto glass is weakened by a chip or a crack, you’
re compromising your safety. A windshield provides up to
35% of a vehicle's structural strength. In a crash or roll-
over accident it supports the roof, helps the airbags
deploy and prevents you being thrown from the vehicle.

Improve the optical clarity within the damaged area.

Reduce light scatter and haze within the damaged area.

Restore a smooth surface to the damaged area to avoid
interference with proper operation of windshield wipers.

Save the consumer money.  If the damage spreads,
replacing your windshield could cost you hundreds of

A windshield chip can turn into a crack at any time. The
longer you leave a ding windshield, the more likely it is to
get worse. A recent windshield damage survey showed
once fatigue, driving and severe temperatures a will
cause existing auto glass chips and cracks to spread
quickly. The best way to stop this is to get the windshield
chip repaired promptly.

Guarantee - Yes, our warranty applies at any of our
Texas auto glass locations.
Windshield Crack Repair
Is the windshield damage repairable if,
more than 6 inches long (about the length
of a dollar bill)?

Once a crack windshield or chip grows larger
than a dollar bill,
it is still repairable in most
cases. Your insurance company will pay the
entire cost for long cracks up to 24 inches in
most cases, as long as the crack is repairable.  
Richmond Windshield Repair TX is able to fix
auto glass, that most windshield repair Richmond
companies cannot.

If you don't do anything about the windshield
chip, you may need an entirely new windshield.
Replacement becomes your only option once a
windshield ding grows more than half of your

This is because a car windshield is a sandwich
made up of two layers of glass with a vinyl layer
between them. If moisture gets into the
windshield through the long crack, it can damage
the vinyl, weaken the car windshield, and
compromise its safety.

If you're still not sure whether to fix or replace
your windshield, ask your Patsco Windshield
Repair representative. Where your vehicle is
concerned, it's better to err on the side of safety.

Windshield Crack Repair Richmond tech can
repair windshield chips or cracks up to 24 inches.
The windshield ding repair process stops
damage from spreading further and leaves the
factory seal around the glass intact.  In most
cases, a repair can be completed in 15 - 20
minutes and cost less than a auto windshield
Headlight Cleaning in Richmond
Let Patsco Headlight Restoration make your hazy
headlights shine bright again.  It is not safe to drive
with hazy, dim headlights and
it will  fail
 Let us restore your dim headlights for
$20 each.  

Stop driving with your high beams on to be able to
see the road.  Driving with cloudy or oxidized
headlights increases your chances of being
involved in a nighttime driving accident by 15-55%,
depending on conditions.
 We look forward to
serving you.
We service all the following cities and counties
Alief  Atascocita,  Barker  Barrett, Brenham,  Beaumont, Bellaire, Brownsville, Bryan,  
Channelview , Clear Lake City, College Station.  Crosby,  Cypress,  Cities, Deer Park,
, Galena Park, Groves, Hedwig Village,  Highlands,  Hockley,   Houston,  
Huffman ,  Hufsmith,  
Humble,  Hunters, Creek Village,  Jacinto City,  Jersey Village,  
Katy,   Kingwood,   Klein ,  La Porte, Lorena, Lumberton, Nassau Bay, Navasoto,
Nederland, North Houston,Orange TX,  Port Arthur, Park Row,  Pasadena.  Pearland,  
Richmond,  Rosenberg,  Seabrook, South Houston,  Southside Place,  Spring,  Spring
Tomball,  Webster,  West University Place,  Downtown,  Houston Heights,   
Memorial,  Midtown,  Montrose/Neartown,Port Arthur, Port Neches, River Oaks,  San
Antonio  Sandalwood,  Sugar Land,  Tanglewood,  Temple,  The Galleria,  The
Medical Center The Woodlands, Waco Vidor, West University and Woodway,  Cities
The Cracked Windshield Repair
Insurance Claim Process
Will filing an auto glass claim count towards my
company policy?

Auto glass repair is also a good value. If you
have comprehensive coverage, and if you
choose to fix your windshield rather than replace
it, most insurance companies will
waive your
and consider the windshield repair
no fault, leaving no cost for you. In many
cases, insurance companies will not count auto
glass damage as a claim on your policy.  To be
certain, please refer to your policy or contact
your agent and/or insurance provider to confirm
your specific coverage.

Patsco Windshield Repair works with most
insurance companies and can process your
claim directly.  Our professional staff can handle
all of the paperwork for you.  If there is any
question whether a windshield should be
repaired or replaced, both Patsco Windshield
Repair in Richmond and the insurance company
will insist on replacement.  Safety will never be
compromised for cost and convenience.  Many
insurance companies cover cracked windshield
repair at 100% coverage with no deductible. If
you are interested in paying for your windshield
repair out of pocket, we have a half price
coupon on this website page. We accept cash
and personal checks. Auto glass repair price

Comparing the price of several service providers
would allow you to get the best and reliable
Windshield crack repair Richmond service.
Ensure that they will cover your insurance claim.
Verify that they will offer quality service and
products to satisfy their clients to the utmost
level. They understand the requirement of the
clients and hence, offer emergency services.
Windshield Ding Repair Richmond:
Humidity & Temperature Concerns
There are a great many windshields replaced in
Richmond Texas every day. A large majority of them are
done at the customer's location of choice; such as their
home or office. This saves having to physically travel to
an windshield crack repair shop location. Having to
replace a windshield or any glass in your automobile is
not something any of us relish the thought of; but if you
have to do it, Richmond,Texas is one of the best places
in the USA to do so for several reasons.

Houston is the fourth largest port in the United States.
Since auto glass is a world wide commodity, the
resources for acquiring glass in Houston, Texas are
almost limitless. As a consequence, consumer costs
are not as high. Houston also has hundreds of retail
chipped windshield repair shops to choose from. All car
windshields shops are not created equal; but with a little
research, you should be able to find a shop that has a
very competitive price and will not compromise your

A windshield rock chip mау bе annoying аnd even a lіttlе
frustrating, bυt getting іt repaired rіght away іѕ a much
better option thаt allowing thе chip tο grow іntο a
disruptive crack thаt wіll lead tο a complete windshield

Fοr more information οr tο learn more аbουt thе benefits
οf ding chip repair fοr уουr vehicle, please call Patsco
Windshield Repair
(281) 608-8450
Will the chip or windshield crack will be invisible after
the car glass repair has been completed?
No. A windshield chip or crack repair is used to prevent further
damage to your truck glass and to restore the structural integrity
of the vehicle. While each incident of windshield damage is
unique, with most successful repairs, a slight blemish or
imperfection where the impact occurred is normal. In most cases,
you should expect the corrective appearance of the repair to
show some improvement as compared to the damage prior to the

Can you guarantee that a rock chip or crack that can be
repaired will not spread during the repair process and I
need to get my auto glass replaced?

No. In some cases, through no fault of the repair technician, the
attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack
becoming larger. However, we can guarantee that upon
completion of a successful repair, the chip or crack will not crack
further and that the repair will pass any state vehicle inspection.  
In the very rare event the repair fails, we will fix the auto glass
again and/or give you a refund.  In the event of insurance work,
refund back to the insurance company.
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Best Service
Welcome to Patsco Windshield Repair in Richmond Texas,
your #1 choice for windshield repair since 1995. Open
Monday thru Saturdays 9:30am - 5:30pm.. Auto glass repair
will prevent the damage from spreading, restore the structural
integrity of the windshield, and make the blemish less
noticeable. We have a money back guarantee that the rock
chip repair will not spread and will pass inspection.
Stop by
Monday thru Saturday
9:30am - 5:30pm
Sundays Closed
and we will fix your auto
glass right away!
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