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Tips To Test Successful Windshield Chip Repair Jobs

The statistics highlight that 4 out of every 5 damaged windshields can be repaired. Restoring a damaged windshield is
a quick, easy and cost-effective solution provided it is done early. Fixing a windscreen involves injecting a clear
adhesive-like compound into the cracks using a special tool. The liquid resin acts as a filler and spreads across the
cracked surface. The solution is allowed to stand for a while and dried with UV light. The resin is polished to improve
clarity and to make it blend with the windscreen. The chips become virtually unrecognizable unless observed closely.
Many car owners complain that the cracks remain visible and few fractures can be felt even after the damage has been
restored. Shouldn’t have the windshield come out looking as good as new?

As a vehicle owner choosing windshield repair over replacement, you should understand that the result depends on the
initial level of damage. Larger the chip or cracks, harder it is to conceal the damage. Faint cracks and spots do not
mean an incomplete job. Nonetheless, it is your right to know if the chip repair job has been completed successfully.
After all, you are paying for it and even trained professionals can make mistakes. Here are tips to tell if a windshield
chip repair job is good.

Windshield Chip Repair
The first tip is to observe the crack closely. Like already mentioned above, it is rarely possible to achieve a flawless
finish however; it should not be cloudy and rough to touch either. The resin after it is injected is polished to create a
smooth finish. Wipe a sponge or hand over it. If there is a protrusion that pricks or snags your finger, it is an indicator
of shoddy work. Also, the liquid should be clear. A cloudy appearance or air bubbles suggest that the agent did not
eliminate air, dirt and debris prior to injecting the liquid resin. The chip should only be visible as faint smear when
observed closely.

Apply dish soap over the site that has been repaired. Blow air over it using a straw. If you see bubbles, it means the
repair work has not been done properly. The size of the crack is another indication. If the crack grows in size despite
being repaired, the auto serviceman has not done his duty well.

Windshield Replacement
Although the article is about testing a windshield chip repair job, here’s a small tip on replacements. Car owners often
ask if it is possible to test if the replacement has been completed properly. There is no direct way, but subtle signs can
help you decide. An air or water leak around the windshield signals an improper job. There are different reasons for it.
Either the screen was not cleaned efficiently before it was fitted or Butyl tape was used as the bonding agent in place of
urethane or the auto serviceman forgot to inform the customer against using the vehicle until the adhesive dries
completely. You can revisit the auto maintenance facility and request the windscreen to be removed.

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