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What To Consider When Getting A Windshield Repaired

Windshield chip repair is a common problem when it comes to car maintenance. It is either caused by a stone kicked up
on the highway or a hailstorm or an accidental drive over a deep pothole. Windshield repair cannot be postponed
because chips and cracks have a tendency to grow in size often becoming ineligible for repair.

Given the high cost of car components, many vehicle owners look for different ways to cut corners. One method they
apply is they choose to mend a damaged windscreen rather than replace it. There is no problem in this approach
because modern technology has made it possible to fix rock chips and cracks, but not all cases qualify for repair. The
size, intensity and location act as decisive factors. Explained below are factors to consider with regards to windshield
chip repair.

• Level of Damage:

The first step involves assessing the level of damage. Chips and cracks in the windshield are of different types. The
common ones are bull’s eye break, half-moon break, combination break, star break or a linear crack. There is an
impact site and a pit. The impact site is the site where the damage takes place while the pit is the point where the
airborne object hits the glass. At the pit, there is always a missing piece of glass. The windshield is made of laminated
glass. It consists of two sheets of glass with a layer of plastic in between.

Chips of diameter less than 1.5 inches and cracks less than 12 inches in length can be repaired, easily. Similarly, an
auto serviceman can restore bull’s eye, half-moon (partial bull’s eye) and star breaks, effectively. Experts do not
recommend fixing a combination break and a spider web break considering the severity of damage and expanse. After
all, a windshield plays an important role in the structural integrity of a vehicle. Replacement in the best option in case
the chip obstructs the driver’s line of vision.

Smaller cracks that have grown in size should not be sealed because it in an indicator of declining windshield strength.
It should be replaced. If you have repaired the windscreen in the past and this is the second time, we suggest a new

• Time:

The procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. However, it may take more time based on the level of damage and the
number of chips that require sealing.

• Do-it-yourself or Car repair facility:

Windshield chip repair can be performed at home if you are willing to do it. There are windshield chip repair kits
available in the market. Some contain ready sealing compounds while others require you to mix ingredients and
prepare it. There is an instructions booklet to guide you. If you are not the type for do-it-yourself projects, you can
approach a car repair facility. Trained professionals will analyze the condition to the crack and guide you on the best

• Cost:

Minor to moderate damage is fixed at a minimal charge. The cost of repairing a damaged windshield does not usually
exceed $50. There may extra charges for additional cracks and chips. A few auto repair companies visit your home or
office to repair your vehicle. The service may be free or a charged one. If this is a charged facility, the price should be
considered when calculating the cost. Read your auto insurance policy as part of the costs if not full might be covered
by the policy.

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